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1.5-2 page comparison of 2 modern day art works


1.5-2 pages comparison analysis focus more on the actual art but only with a slight intro of each artist please as stated below at the bottom of the paragraph thanks

Write a comparative formal
analysis of two work of art. This should be about two to three pages in
length. You may choose to construct a comparative analysis (like
Wolfflin), but lets try to bring this into the modern world choosing
examples from more recent history. As we will see, Schapiro opened the
field of discussion- so you may choose fine art, popular art, design-
anything that lends itself to visual discussion. Pay attention to such
things as color, texture, mass, composition but also attempt to use some
of Wolfflin’s language- is it open form or closed form, are parts
arranged in multiplicity or unity, etc. In a formal analysis you should
analyze the visual elements and style but also discuss how these
contribute to the meaning or expression of a work (for example cool
colors might suggest restfulness, jagged lines might impart a sense of
anxiety). The purpose here is to look closely (no need for research into
artist or context) and to show HOW meanings are communicated through
aesthetic choices.

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