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  • 1. Create a concept map based on thecomplete physical assessment you perf

1. Create a concept map based on thecomplete physical assessment you perf



1.Create a concept map based on thecomplete physical assessment you performed while providing care using the providedpower point template.a.Components of the concept mapi.Individual’s information (10points/10%)1.Age2.Medical diagnosis3.Brief review of underlyingpathophysiology*List whatfunctional changes are happening*List processthat initiated and maintained disorder or diseaseii.Assessment Data (15 points; 15%)1.Include all assessment data, notsimply information that supports the selected nursing diagnosesInspectPalpationPercussionAuscultateNeurological Examiii.Nursing Diagnoses (15 points/ 15%)1.Select three nursing diagnoses to addressesa.One must be an actual problemb.One must address a psychosocialneedc.The final must be a high priorityfor the individualiv.Linkages Within and BetweenDiagnoses (5 points/5%)1.Concept map demonstratesrelationship within and between the nursing diagnoses.v.Planning (15 points/15%)1.Prioritize diagnoses to reflectneeds of the individual2.Set realistic outcome measurement3.At least two(2) scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook,are providedvi.Implementation (15 points/15%)Interventionsare individualized for patient-provide rationale1.Interventions support achievementof selected outcome measurements-provide rationaleii.Evaluation of Outcomes (5points/15%)1.Determine if outcomes were met.2.Provide evidence that supportsthat determination.3.Describe what changes, if any, areneeded to promote expected outcomes in the future.iii.Safety-Communication-InfectionControl 16 points/16%)a.specific elements of communicationused when providing care,b.safety concerns related to theindividual for whom you cared, andc.infection control practicesfollowed while caring for this patient.APACitations and Writing (4 points/4%)

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