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  • 1) In the first part of this assignment, you will find and describe an instance

1) In the first part of this assignment, you will find and describe an instance



1) In the first part of this assignment, you will find and describe an instance of a child’s observed behavior or a phenomenon seen in childhood. This “observed behavior” could take the form of a social media post (e.g., a TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook video; Reddit post), a YouTube clip, a parenting blog post, magazine article, etc. You must provide the link to the video or article. This description should be detailed enough that a person who has not seen the video or read the article you selected will understand what the child (or children) has done.2A) In the second section of the assignment, you will identify and describe content we covered in the class that you believe relates to the observed behavior you identified in part 1. This section should include enough detail and explanation of the concept(s), theories, cognitive mechanisms, or other that someone who has not taken this course would understand.2B) In the final section, you will discuss how the content you described in part 2A relates to the observed child behavior you described in part 1. This should include relating it the certain theories, concepts, or cognitive mechanisms we covered in class that you explained in part 2. For instance, you can explain how the “observed behavior” you described in part 1 answers or relates to a particular developmental question we discussed; how the theories or concepts might help to explain the behavior; whether, why, and how the behavior contradicts or supports previous findings we discussed; how the media post may differ from the experimental methods used to examine the topic or concept; why and how the observed behavior may be different for other children (e.g., at younger or older ages) according to what you described in part 2A.Guidelines:Please format your assignment in these 3 distinct sectionsAlthough there is no page minimum, the assignment should NOT be longer than 2 pages12-point font, single-spacedThis class is about developmenatal psychology. I attached the pdf of all the lectures so far that we talked about in theclass so you be able to know what we have been discussed in this class.In the end, i would like to have a plegirism report as well, this assigntment suppose to be a 100% origional work becausemy professor is very strict and she will check the work!you have to find a video ( able to use only one source) to emphasize and apply all your knowledge in your writing and following the instructions that i provided.I attached the picture that show Rubric and how she is going to grade this assigntment so please make sure you see and follow. this is my last assigntmnet and i really care to have a good grade so it boost my grade in the class. thanks !

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