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I hope this message finds you doing well. FIRST, the field of study: I’m looking for is Business (I didn’t find it).


I’m taking Bussiness Policy and Strategy class. Our professor wants us to do an analysis case assignment per week. The total is 10 analysis case assignments and maybe more. Each assignment 3-5 pages. Based on an article he sends us and some questions related to the article. (See attachments). In some cases pages are more than 3-5 so I’ll pay 7 per pages depends on how I want that case to be.


Therefore, I’m looking for a writer to deal with not only for one assignment but for all of them.


The most IMPORTANT things for me:

1) Follow the ALL instructions carefully.

2) Use very simple language and idea because I’m an international student and I need to understand everything about the case from the case. My professor would discuss our cases with us.



See all attachments

1) A Guide to Case Analysis.

2) The article.

3) My professor questions about the article.


*Three of my classmates are going to use Homework Marketing as well. And three of my friends took the same class last quarter and used this site as well. So. please I need my papers to be original and written from scratch.


Thank you in advance,

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