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Why is it advisable to use mulch around shrubs and garden plants?

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Depending on the climate, up to 75% of a home’s total water use during the spring season in the northern hemisphere can be for



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According to the AWWA Research Foundation, households that manually water with a hose

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An effective water saving strategy, particularly in arid regions, is to design__________ landscapes.



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Where does the majority of inside household water use occur?


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Grey-water systems can allow an average family of four to save about

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The top 5 MOST effective actions to save water are:

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7 drips per minutes in water leaks can lead to an yearly water waste of

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If it takes 10 minutes to fill up an 8-ounce cup with water from leaks, it is the equivalent of a monthly water waste of

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What is the main difference between off-stream and in-stream water uses?


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