100 word response


I need a 100 or more word responses to the two statements below

Statement 1:

Good Evening class,

The first basic or classic policy I found and was distributive policy. As the chapter mentioned, Highways are often developed with this policy. Being from Phoenix, which is a huge city, both population, and square miles, and Phoenix is far more spread out than others. Having seen our metropolitan area at least double, maybe even triple in size in just my lifetime, the freeways were built as the city grew, so are new, far nicer than other major cities . I also read about Pell grants-which I don’t get, but for those who do, I can imagine it is a life saver. I just signed off on giving UOP another 10 thousand. If this were a text message, there would be some form of shocked emoji after “10 thousand”. What I was able to be to approved for to help me in my “American Dream” was first time home buyer loans. We were going to take advantage of the FHA loan but quickly learned the area we decided to purchase was covered by the USDA loan. This meant we didn’t have to put any money down. We did have to add $50 extra of insurance but we were young and not making much money so not having to pay any down was extremely helpful.

Regulatory policy is for ensuring business don’t knowingly provide goods that are harmful to us to bring in more significant profits. I am grateful that outside of food poisoning a few times, I do not have to worry about the food I eat or wonder if this steak is indeed steak or something else.

The redistributive policy provides Medicare. When I was young and poor, I was on state covered insurance. Never had to use it but if something would have happen to me, I’m sure I would look back on that time be grateful I was able to receive medical attention. As I am sure, I will be when I retire.

Statement 2:

Public policy are the principles that social laws are based. The three types of public policy are regulatory policy, distributive policy, an redistributive policy. Basically anyone one from Congress down to the public school system with the authority can enact rules that the public has to follow. The video stated that this is how the government keeps “order”. It personally sounds like their way of keeping us in check. because if we don’t follow these certain rules and regulations we suffer consequences. they decide what resources to give to whom. A few examples of public policy include the death penalty in certain states, really how each state chooses to run their criminal justice system . Gun control laws are also an example. When I think of public policy I think of the toll company and how we have to pay to drive on certain highways we’ve paid taxes to help build and how it’s not just a one time fee but daily rates. A most recent example of public policy is how they just made abortion illegal in Alabama.

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