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1000 words Profile Essay MUST INCLUDE AN OUTLINE


Part I: Answer the following questions. Include as much detail as possible.

1.) Who will you write about? Why do you want to write about this person?

2.) What kind of profile will you write? For example, will you focus on a specific moment in the person’s life, an average day, a moment when he or she had 15 minutes of fame, or a psychological examination?

3.) Why should my readers care about this person?

4.) What do I want readers to know about this person?

5.) What questions will I ask my subject during the interview process? How will I approach difficult or unpleasant topics?

6.) Have I talked to others who understand my subject or might see my subject with different eyes? What insight have or will they be able to give me?

7.) Do I understand what motivates my subject, and will I make that clear to readers? How will I make my story plump with vivid, memorable details about how my subject works and lives?

8.) How is my subject different than others who do the same job or live the same life? How is my subject the same as everyone else?

Part II: Complete the outline template.

I. Introduction:

a. Hook:

b. Thesis Statement:

II. Body Paragraph 1:

a. Topic Sentence

b. Summary of Supporting Details

c. Concluding Sentence

III. Body Paragraph 2:

a. Topic Sentence

b. Summary of Supporting Details

c. Concluding SentenceOverview and Requirements

Being able to see a person beyond a diagnosis, a role (such as a patient, friend, parent, or supervisor), or a physical attribute enables nurses to see each patient as an individual with unique experiences, hopes, fears, and needs.

Assignment Prompt

1.) For the profile essay:

  • you will closely examine a person whom you personally know, such as a patient, family member, educator, co-worker, or friend
  • you will focus on a short period of time, such as a single day, several months, or even a significant moment that takes place over an hour


  • the goal of the profile essay is to show readers who this person is. For example, the profile may highlight a patient’s strength that carried him through his battle with cancer, a parent’s dedication to always putting his children’s needs above his own, or a friend’s always positive attitude despite the challenges that she faces.
  • the essay is not about you
  • the focus should be on the individual who is profiled

3.) Your essay must do the following:

  • Create a vivid depiction of the individual
  • Focus on a short period of time that highlights the trait(s) that you wish to focus on
  • Incorporate strong vivid descriptions and examples, including dialogue
  • Show instead of tell

4.) Your essay must include the following:

  • An introduction with a hook and strong thesis statement
  • Developed body paragraphs with strong topic sentences and concluding sentences
  • A word count of 1,000 words, at a minimum (excludes cover page)

IMPORTANT: Ask the person for permission to write about him or her. Do not use the person’s real name or any other identifying information in the essay, prewriting, or any other content related to the assignment.

For an example of an “A” student essay, review the Profile Example Essay.

For specific grading criteria for this assignment, review the Profile Essay Rubric.

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