Go to the website for the Art Institute of Chicago: http://www.artic.edu/aic/. Navigate your way through their site to the following paintings: Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist (1490/95) AND L├ęger, Reclining Woman (1922).

[Hint: Go to Collection; European Painting & Sculpture; Selected Works]

Pick one of these paintings to analyze. Then complete the essay assignment. (20 points for the essay; 5 points for response) *NOTE* Neither of these paintings is considered a genre painting.

There are 2 parts to this essay assignment:

1) Describe this painting by using at least 5 of the terms from the Required Readings and VIewings. Don’t just list the terms. Define them and use them to describe the painting. Post your answer to the Discussion Board – Unit 1 Discussion Essay and Response. Click on ADD NEW THREAD to post your response. (Minimum 150 words) (25 points)The following are

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