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12 slide powerpoint presentation…Very simple…Will pay $25…Instructions within this link..


Develop a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation to pitch your idea to Mr. Rollins. Your slideshow must be succinct, compelling, and should include the following elements.

  1. Slide 1: State your company name and motto, with a tagline and a date.
  2. Slide 2: Review business proposition, what will your business create?
  3. Slide 4: Share your objective, how much money do you need, and why you are here?
  4. Slide 3: Review technology platforms you intend to use.
  5. Slide 5: Provide current market review; detail the market; how big is the market?
  6. Slide 6: Provide forecast for current market.
  7. Slide 7: Market competition, who do you sell the product to and how big is that market?
  8. Slide 8: Review business model drivers, what makes you unique from the competition?
  9. Slide 9: Review potential risks.
  10. Slide 10: Review the management team with whom you will partner, including yourself.
  11. Slide 11: Financials; basic revenues and costs, and profits in a 3 to 5 year term.
  12. Slide 12: Amount of money needed to fund your idea, with a basic breakdown of where the money will go.

Be sure to use the Notes section of the PowerPoint to highlight your presentation information. Keep these notes succinct as well.

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