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I want one paragraph for each part as feedback comment to my classmate work at the discussion. First I’ll but my answer and example for the feedback that I got to my answer so you can know what is my thought for this assignment then I’ll but the classmate answer that you need to give them feedback as a response from me in this discussion,

Example answer:

One of the best examples of organizations that use Google Analytics is Saudi Telecom Company (STC). I know how STC uses Google Analytics to monitor the performance of its website. So STC specialists have many benefits from Google Analytics to help them determine the success of their content and its impact on their audience. STC officials recognize Google’s ability to improve the effectiveness of successfully promoting its Internet content and identify strengths and weaknesses in its campaigns. So, It is easy to make changes to the performance of STC’s campaigns to ensure the best interaction with the public.

Google Analytics introduced the social tool that allows STC to track performance on every social network in a single dashboard. This saves STC a lot of time and effort. This feature tracks ROI from STC’s social marketing campaign and gives an overview of the impact of their social engagement on the Internet. Google Analytics helps STC to see if its e-shop is turning well or not. This includes knowing where the traffic source is, the keyword terms used to reach a specific webpage, the demographic location of the traffic sources, and the bounce rate. This data helps to put STC’s marketing activities better in the target market segment. In addition, STC will get information about the average time visitors spend on the site, as well as the number of new and returning traffic.

Web content is a good Google Analytics tool too. Without the contents, there will be fewer options left for visitors to browse other pages. If STC’s online store is full of products and free of content, the credibility of its store will also be diminished by the very commercial nature of the site. This is why STC needs to update its content regularly and monitor the productivity of each engagement effectively. By using Content Analysis, STC will be able to identify the content that gets the most comments and social participation, as well as the participation that captures the highest number of page views.

Feedback Example:

I believe that Google Analytics is a powerful tool for STC. Google Analytics can help STC to understand their audiences behave. For instance, Google Analytics can let organizations track their audiences. Also, Google Analytics can let organizations see what kind of products that audiences liked it by seeing how many clicks the audiences did for STC products. In meantime, STC can save has time and effect by using Google Analytics. It is a smart way to understand the visitors who visited STC website. For example, Google Analytics can help STC to know the type of visitors who visited STC website. Therefore, STC can know the percentage of returned visitors and new visitors. And STC can work hard to get the attention of audiences and visitors.


Behavioral analytics is regarded by many as the future of marketing analytics. We are just starting to mine the data provided by the many data points that analytics can provide.

I can see huge benefits for sales organizations. Analytics can help you find weak points in your sales funnel. Analytics can help sales organizations create their targeted personas and track prospect behavior vs expected behaviors. This can help turn more leads into clients.

Having a bit of background in both Strategic Communications and Psychology, I often pick the brains of my friends as I create customer personas for companies. I think having this option allows me to track the data points, make conclusions and bounce my ideas off people who spend much of their days inside other people’s heads.

One thing I am learning to do is to find data points that matter. With modern analytic reports you can get overwhelmed by a myriad of data points and trying to make sense of it all. My advice is don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. I am currently refreshing my WordPress site michaelshawnwillard.com and in the past year I was able to get valuable feedback information from a couple WordPress analytics. I was able to track engagement, learn how people were finding me, and how headhunters for major corporations were able to find me regarding higher level communications jobs. I am also about to start a secondary blog/vlog site that captures the wonderful and weird road trips that my wife and I create. The goal of this site is to monetize it or take a year off and travel the country videoing us on these amazing adventures to sell to the Travel Channel. With analytics I can see what publics are enjoying which adventures and therefore tailor content to match and gain better page time rates and lower bounce rates.


Companies can use google analytics to monitor and understand their consumers’ needs and wants and help the company grow. Google analytics can be used to manage the digital marketing of business to help realize profits. Digital marketers use segmentation and testing to organize the workflow of business efficiently. Google analytics can help companies to check the number of users who visit their site and become frequent consumer and where they come from. They could be from social networks, referrals or other chat rooms. It also helps the company to focus on valuable quality users who not only visit their sire to read contents but also share to get more people.

For example, through google analytics, Apple Inc is able to change their content to be more engaging so as to attract more clients to their site. The company is able to benchmark itself against its competitors such as android to note the areas to work on and improve. In addition, companies can design and run marketing experiments to test new marketing strategies and techniques for its site. Google Analytics helps to improve products, services, and content through feedback and service by keeping in touch with customers and tracking their whole journey



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