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[1800 words] Choose a rule system and explain it in depth.


rule system: NBA’s trade rules

Pick a rule system for analysis. The rule system should be one in use by a company or organization to address a problem or need in the business. The rules should be for an understandable purpose. While you have tremendous flexibility in the rules that you pick, it will be easier if the rules are contained enough that you are able to track how they are used within the business. At the same time, the rules should not be too simple (e.g. “Stay off the lawn”), so that there just is not much to talk about. While this may seem obvious, picking a topic for a rule system that you find interesting generally leads to a better paper. While many students have written good papers about conventional rule systems (and gotten good grades), others have gone off the beaten path a bit. As examples, among other topics in past years, students chose rule systems

Approximately one – two pages should be dedicated to a description of the compliance chain (the reason/problem addressed, the type of rule system (ordering, reaction to a regulatory requirement, goal driven, or a mix), a description of the rules, risks managed, training, policing systems, investigation, and enforcement). If a piece of the chain, such as training or investigations are not apparent, you should describe how it could occur. The remainder of the paper should provide your analysis of the rules. You may criticize an aspect of the rule system (e.g. lack of clarity, complexity, inefficiencies, weak on policing), suggest an improvement, recognize a particular difficulty in the rule system, such as an ambiguity, and how it can be addressed. If you see the rule system as well designed, explain why. Some students have reached out to the company or organization to inquire about the rule system. If you can get someone to speak with you, doing so might add an interesting perspective. This is not required, but I share it as an idea some students have used.If possible, submit a copy of the rules along with your paper. If you are unable to obtain the rules or they are too voluminous, please indicate that.t to help me understand better.

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