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2 Pages Essay – History of kansas



1.Why does the author state “the territorial period in Kansas was enormously complex”?

2.Why did Robert Richmond comment that the Kansas territorial era was “one of the most confused and confusing in American history”?

Be sure to include the role of border fighting in this era, as well as, all of the legislative problems encountered.

Please give details and concrete examples.

Be sure to read over the territorial timeline and look over the key terms.

Your essay must be detailed and specific. You must tell me who, what, when, where and why. Dates are essential. Your answer must be in essay form with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. You must answer all questions asked. Your essay should be approximately two pages in length. Please be sure to look over the sample essay in the announcements.

Outline for Essay
Be sure to list the dates of the territorial period of Kansas.
Be sure to explain and mention the significance of the Kansas Nebraska Act.
Be sure to explain and mention what was Bleeding Kansas. How many people died, when and where.
Be sure to explain and mention the four territorial capitals.
Be sure to explain and mention the succession of governors during the territorial period in Kansas.
Be sure to mention the writing of four constitutions and why.
Be sure to mention and explain the Wakarusa War, tell when, where, and why.

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