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2 responses for two of the discussions


For the three (3) discussion forums, you will choose from selected readings I’ve provided. After reading your
selected reading, you will write an original post on your own; then read and comment on at least two of your
classmates’ original posts. Your original post should be thoughtful and follow my directions in the discussion
by selecting a specific quote from the reading that resonated with you and posting it in quotations in your
original post. Cite the reading and selected quote you chose and then comment. Please ensure your original
post is thoughtful, substantive and connects not only specific information in the selected reading but
incorporates course concepts and ideas. Adding your own personal professional examples of the issues
explored in the readings will also be highly valued. Aim for about a page or roughly 500 words, not including
the selected quote and reference information.
Once you have posted your original post, you will also read and respond to classmates’ posts on their chosen
readings. Your comments – responses to each post should be of sufficient quality to demonstrate you have read
their comments and contribute to the overall learning of our course. Aim for half a page or about 300 words in your responses.

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