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3 kinds of refection of “CEO gender and firm performance”


Prompt: combine all three deliverables into a single document and clearly label each deliverable with a title. Just follow the formatting style of the model texts. The model text is the “Example – MA1 Deliverable 3 (written by a former student)”. The article is “CEO gender and firm performance”. Please use high school or freshman student tone to write this assignment!! Thank you!!

DELIVERABLE 1 (Critical Analysis of Scholarly Article) – Once you have a good understanding of the scholarly article’s contents, arguments, and evidence, you will critically analyze it. Your critical analysis will evaluate how effectively the article achieves (or doesn’t achieve) its purpose. Deliverable 1 will break the article down into its various elements (such as strength of evidence, quality of logic, credibility of the authors, the existence of biases, etc.), describe how each element impacts the article as a whole, and evaluate the article’s overall strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness. Keep in mind that critical analyses are written for experts and knowledgeable people with a strong background in the subject matter (i.e. the opposite of a lay audience).

DELIVERABLE 2 (Summary of Scholarly Article for Lay Audience) – In deliverable 2, you will “repackage” or summarize the information in the scholarly article in a way that a lay audience can understand. The goal of your summary is to retain as much of the article’s information as possible while presenting it in an accessible manner to a lay audience. To achieve this goal, you will make countless decisions about how to organize the information, whether to include or omit details, how to translate visual data (graphs, tables, etc.) into clear writing, what word choice or phrasing to employ, which grammatical or stylistic features to emphasize, and so on.

DELIVERABLE 3 (Report of Rhetorical/Linguistic/Stylistic Decisions Made in Deliverable 2) – In deliverable 3, you will compose a report that explains and justifies the rhetorical, linguistic, and stylistic decisions you made while writing deliverable 2. You will 1) identify and give examples of some of the decisions you made, 2) explain what effects they had on the lay audience, and 3) analyze/explain why your decisions were effective (or not) in achieving your goal of successfully communicating technical information to a lay audience. Deliverable 3 is only concerned with deliverable 2 and has nothing to do with the critical analysis.

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