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Choose one of the public policy issues discussed  (poverty, corporate welfare, or outsourcing), do some additional research on your chosen topic, and present your findings here.

Assignment responses should be no less than 300 words and no more than about 500 words, in apa format and three sources sited
Answer these Questions
How did your chosen public policy come about?

What crisis created it?

Has this policy been effective?

How would you modify it if you were the president?


Part 2

300 plus words apa format 3 sources cited

For your follow-up, I am hoping you can flash-forward  to 1860-1861, and tell us about the secession of the Southern states. Which state was the first to leave? Why did it finally secede? What prompted this? Do a quick internet search for the state’s Declaration or Ordinance of Secession and tell us what they said was the reason why they seceded. Finally, what was the Crittenden Compromise and why did it fail?
This is a rather complex follow-up, but an important one. Essentially, I am hoping you can tell us the reasons why the South finally seceded from the Union.

Part 3

300 plus words apa format 3 sources cited

Remember. . .


You are to answer only one of the following questions! However, each of the questions is multi-layered, be sure to address each of the points raised in each question.


When answering your question, be sure to provide the number and copy-and-paste the question itself in your response.

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1. To what extent was President Johnson responsible for the radicalization of the Republican Party in 1866?


2. What changes in the North explain why the Republicans abandoned the battle for Reconstruction?


3. Do you believe that the failure of Reconstruction was primarily a failure of leadership? Or, to put it more concretely, that the outcome might have been different had Lincoln lived? Or had chosen a different vice president? Or had Andrew Johnson not been followed by Ulysses S. Grant?

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