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30 environmental policy questions


such as

Question #1: Pick one of the following questions to answer based on what was covered in the Discussion section: 1) How are ecosystem values socially constructed?, OR 2) How may ecosystem values be socially constructed to benefit a capitalist society? [10 points]

Question #2: Think back to last Thursday’s final Discussion. As COVID-19 is having an impact globally, climate change is set out to do the same. What are some social equity concerns that have been seen with COVID-19? Does it affect everyone equally? How does this relate to the impact of climate change? [8 points]

Question #13: What is the difference between weather and climate? [5 points]

Question #14: Describe the difference between model uncertainty and scenario uncertainty and explain how they relate specifically to climate change. [10 points]

Question #15: Why is it important to take into account the lifespan of a chemical compound when determining its impact on the climate? [8 points]

Question #16: In your own words, what is radiative forcing? Discuss how volcanoes, greenhouse gases, and albedo each impact radiative forcing. [8 points]

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