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 Business processes refer to the manner in which work is organized, coordinated, and focused to produce a valuable product or service. On the one hand, business processes are concrete work flows or material, information, and knowledge – sets of activities; however, business processes also refer to the unique ways in which organizations coordinate work, information, and knowledge, and the way in which management chooses to coordinate work. Business processes by nature are generally cross functional, transcending the boundaries among sales, marketing, manufacturing, and research and development.Information systems can help organizations achieve great efficiencies by automating parts of these processes or by helping organizations rethink and streamline these processes through the development of workflow software. For example, Porter’s value chain model highlights specific business activities where competitive strategies can be best applied. The value chain model can supplement the competitive forces model by identifying specific critical points where organizations can use information technology more effectively. A number of efficiency gains have been realized with the utilization of the IT infrastructure. With the major infrastructure development in place, attention has shifted to more of a support and systems integration. A major challenge is to make small incremental investments that enhance the infrastructure to meet the needs of business units.Using PowerPoint (PPT), draw a value chain diagram that highlights the role of information technology in 3-5 slides, excluding introduction and reference slides.Using PowerPoint (PPT), think of a business process that you have had to perform in the past. How would you document this process? Would a diagram make more sense than a checklist? Document the process of both as a checklist in 3-5 slides, excluding introduction and reference slides. If PPT is not available, use any presentation software.Both parts 1 and 2 of the assignment should be submitted in one PPT file upload.

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306 case | Information Systems homework help

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