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Your term paper will consist of an explorative literature review and
theoretical framework that examines a topic of interest paired with
at least one of the learning theories.
the topic (Radical behaviorism to Improve academic performance for elementary students
Details: Papers should be written in the APA format and be kept
within 15 pages with out the references (references excluded) 12 references needed. A variety of references
is expected and the vast majority should come from peer-reviewed
Note 1: Your paper will be graded based on what you have
decided to discuss and the contribution you are attempting to make
through your discussion. In other words, seek to move beyond
summarization toward a synthesis of ideas that leads to
something new.
Note 2: Something that is always important to remember is that
instructional designers are a practical bunch – we will always look
for applications. How can the concepts and ideas that you are
presenting be used by the instructional designer? Make sure to
include a section that involves applications.
i will attach an example  
and attach  chapter  (the chapter 2 will be one of the references)
due 03/05/2014 EST zone. no longerfour days from now

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4 days term paper

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