4 homework in the same title


Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 3

are already done and you find it in the attachment

i but it because the coming work is related to Checkpoint1,2,3

what need this time is

1.Checkpoint #4 (dueDec 1 by 11:59pm)

For this assignment, you need to identify or create one categorical independent variable to use in your model as we discussed in class.

1. Specify why you chose this categorical variable and what you expect it to explain in your model.

2. Run your model with this variable using dummy coding. Be sure to include at least one other variable (continuous) as well.

3. Write two equations for your model: (one with your categorical variable present, and one without it present). Interpret the intercepts for each of these two equations (as we did in class)

Be sure to include your output from your analysis.

2.Checkpoint #5 – Logit Model(dueDec 1 by 11:59pm)

1. For your last checkpoint, please identify a dichotomous dependent variable for your model, as discussed in class (e.g., whether someone will purchase a donut or not). If you do not have a dichotomous variable in your data, please create one as we discussed in class.

2. Run a logit model (using SPSS) with your categorical Dependent Variable and continuous Independent Variables.

3. Write the logistic function for your model based on your output in (2).

Be sure to show your SPSS output in your analysis

3.extra credit (dueDec 1 by 11:59pm)

As promised, I am creating an optional extra credit assignment for those of you who would like to participate. If so, please complete the following assignment:

Write a 500-750 word (2-3 pages) paper where you:

1) Discuss the underlying econometrics premise to the movie “Moneyball”

2) Discuss how the model was chosen and tested using the theories discussed in class as well as how Billy Beane used this modeling.

3) Discuss the idea of error in the model (Type I/Type II as well as model errors) that may have occurred during the process. Discuss methods Billy or others could use to help mitigate these potential errors.

NOTE: Your grade will not be harmed if you choose to NOT write this essay. These are bonus points that will be added to your final grade.

4.ECON/MGMT 256 Final Analysis Report

For the final project please take your work and findings from Checkpoints 1-5 and write a cohesive final report. The final paper should be between 5-7 pages in length and should incorporate the (corrected) work that you have previously done. It is not necessary that you find significant relationships, but it IS necessary that you understand your model and analyses. Specifically, be sure to address the following questions/topics in your paper.

  1. What is your question of interest?
  2. Discuss your theory and/or model that you explored
  3. Discuss the data source(s) that you used for your modela. What is/are the dependent variables?b. What is/are the independent variables?
  4. Discuss the models that you ran (Checkpoints 2-5. For all models, identify the variablesof interest, discuss the significance of the overall model, and discuss the coefficients and their significance. Include your summary tables, but do NOT include your raw data output. Be sure to address what you did via the following analyses:a. Simple linear regression
  5. b. Multiple linear regression
  6. c. Multiple linear regression with one or more dummy Independent Variables d. Multiple linear regression with a binary Dependent Variable (logit model)
  7. Summarize your overall findings and conclusions.
  8. a. What did you learn about your theory/model?
  9. b. What recommendations would you make for any changes to your model, data,or analytical approach?

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