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4 Small Questions for University



Please review the 4 questions that need to be answered as if you know me. My name is Haya. These are entrance questions to the university of Loma Linda.

2)If this applicant has been your student, in your opinion to what degree do the applicant’s grades reflect his/her academic potential? If you have worked with this person in a professional environment, in your opinion to what degree does the applicant’s work performance reflect his/her professional potential?

3) Please describe any personality, physical or emotional characteristics that you believe may be important to the applicant’s success.

4) Describe the degree to which the applicant would be supportive of the Christian lifestyle and distinctive mission of LLU to “further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ, to make man whole” (see www.llu.edu/central/handbook/index.page for lifestyle information and www.llu.edu/central/mission.page for the LLU mission).

5) Please note any additional or special information that may assist the admissions committee in evaluating the applicant. If you have text that you would like to include from a recommendation letter that you have written, you can paste it here.

I am muslim and the school is Christian. Please read and answer.

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