5-6 pg paper due tomorrow by 4pm. Prompt inside.

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Write a 5-6 page essay on the following topic. Your paper should discuss two of the texts we have discussed in class: Ragged Dick; Little Women; A Clockwork Orange; The Chocolate War; Rebel Without a Cause; Go Ask Alice. 


Basing your analysis on the approach to adolescence proffered by Erik Erikson in his piece “Adolescence,” examine how the adolescent “identity crisis” is depicted in two of the texts we have read. What constitutes this “crisis” for the protagonist? What constitutes “identity” in the world in which he/she lives? Is the protagonist able to ultimately achieve a stable sense of self? 


Your essay should be argumentative in nature and have a clearly defined thesis (i.e. you should be defending a particular interpretation of these texts and how they relate to some of the broader themes outlined above). You should cite specific passages from the text you are analyzing to support your various arguments. 


You are not required to use secondary sources (except Erikson), but may do so if you wish. Papers should be typed, double-space, and all citations should be in accordance with MLA style. 



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5-6 pg paper due tomorrow by 4pm. Prompt inside.

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