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7 pages: Of logical research writing inspired by and related to themes from Jesm



7 pages: Of logical research writing inspired by and related to themes from Jesmyn Ward’s novel Sing, Unburied, SingTone: This is not a persuasion essay; while pathos (emotional appeal) is a small part of our logic, do not over-rely on emotions and opinionsInstead, LEAN INTO presenting sound research evidence in support of your thesisCounter-arguments also require EVIDENCE & citationWell-crafted sentences (Please go to the learning center if English is your second language)Quotes and Citations in the text: must show that you can properly incorporate evidence to support the thesisLogical flow of information presentedWell-crafted transitions into the next point or paragraphCitations and Works cited page: At least 4 academic sources & properly cite Jesmyn Ward’s novel, no Wikipedia. Find sources as we were shown in the Library tour.YOUR ESSAYIntroduction ParagraphHook/ Expand/ Research question/ThesisExample (the first draft was quickly written)In reading novels of the contemporary south, such as Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing, there are themes related to intergenerational trauma, white supremacy, racism, and abolition. The history of the confederate legacy leaves a residue across many people’s lives still today; prisons have tragically been a way that capitalist aspects of slavery continue. This essay will examine (through your research) the horrifying legacy of the confederacy as reconfigured into firstly black codes, which allowed for a prison populace to grow, then how Parchman continues today. In Mississippi, the legacy furthers intergenerational trauma and perpetuates a racially unfair system. These aspects propel the narrative of Sing, Unburied, Sing. By investigating how Parchman prison and carceral policies of the south harm society and promote ongoing racial injustice, there is then a chance for the solution, change, and healing to arise.Make sure that throughout the essay, you refer to the research question angle again and succinctly (brief) in slightly different ways (i.e., keep showing the reader the logic/angle of your thinking about the research and the novel.Thesis: make sure all the essay body paragraphs support this essay’s thesis statement and purpose.2. First Body Paragrapha. Provide context/history of the research topic; please give specificity to the research angles specific to your paper.b. Present WHY this research and the issue are important“As is shown in the scene in chapter _____c. Present the existing points /arguments (name briefly) in favor of this stance,d. Mention briefly the research that supports your paper. You might mention the names of research papers and/or names of advocacy groups.e. If a social/political change paper, Mention any counter stances that might need to be addressed:(about a different topic, but shown here to help you think about the stance of your logical argument in a paper and the counter-arguments)If your essay was about preventing gun violence in America by lobbying changes through x,y,z.Then you would write about the counter stance- those that are for guns and what their arguments are, so you then counter their arguments with logical argument and evidence.Body of the essay (4-6 pages) EXPAND INTO SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS THE KEY POINTS FROM OPENING PARAGRAPH AND THESIS7- SEVEN KEY POINTS AND THEMES from the introductory paragraphi. Intergenerational trauma (Leonie Jojo| Michael & his parents)ii. White supremacy, Racism (How Given’s death was treated as an accident instead of murder, show examples from your research on how this often happened in the south)iii. Abolition (after slavery was abolished, Black Codes made it far too easy for white supremacists to have primarily African American boys/ men arrested to build a labor force within prisons, thus tying up prisons with white supremacist capitalist aims almost the same as slavery itself, show examples of River and Pop’s Brother and pops all jailed (due to Black Codes pretty much). Parchman Prison then and now research to find how Jesmyn Ward talks about how Parchman prison overshadowed her growing up.v. Carceral policiesvi. Possible solutions (provide evidence of what has been done successfully to shift from carceral policies to abolition ideals)vii. Healing / Restoration, please research and find aspects both in the novel and outside of researchThere are 7 aspects in the opening paragraph— you can easily cover 4-6 pages if you write approx. 2/3 paragraphs on each aspect.Example First Argument (your logical thoughts relating to both novel and issue associated)· Example of First Argument, e.g., from Novel and research (Intergenerational trauma)In chapter ## Leonie first encounters the ghost of her brother Given. (FIND A QUOTE FROM WARD HERE RE LEONIE & GIVEN) (provide a citation as per MLA standards) Given was ‘accidentally’ shot in a hunting accident by ______(character name). While police wrote this off as an accident, this is more clearly a murder by a person with white supremacist beliefs. Leonie’s drug use seems tied up with the pain of losing her brother, Given. There is additional conflict as Given was murdered by a relative of Michael, Leonie’s partner, and Jojo’s and Kayla’s father. The novel presents different sides of intergenerational trauma. Later in the story, Michael is rejected by his white supremacist parents; for loving and wanting to be with Leonie. Thus, Michael’s parents further enact intergenerational trauma as Jojo and Kayla do not have a second set of grandparents and are harmed emotionally by the racist grandparents’ beliefs.· New paragraph expands research points about intergenerational trauma and some statistics around jail time and how likely it is for repeat offending or how a parent in jail affects children.· New Paragraph maybe expand with the research of how white supremacy is passed down, and how then that white supremacy makes for intergenerational trauma that is passed down. USE A Research citation.· EACH NEW PARAGRAPH needs a topic sentence (the argument point of the paragraph), then expansion and citation (evidence)IntroductionHook b. (why this is important) Research Question c. Thesis Statement 2.Body Paragraphs*Context and History of Research TopicExisting Arguments (context)First argument /point/ key term (relate to example novel and research)citation/evidencecitation / evidenceSecond argument /point/ key term ((relate to example novel and research)citation /evidencecitation /evidenceetc. EACH FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH continues as aboveConclusionSummary of main pointsPoint 1 ii. Point 2 iii. etc. b.Answer: why does this research matter?

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