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In this weeks reading (Davis – Chapter 9) it is brought up how our political discourse is flat now a days. Everyday, millions of voices are shut out from political discourse for a variety of reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to, things such as racism, sexism, differing ideas in politics, the power of a corporation to silence their employees, etc.. Without a tolerance to hear the opinions of others, there is no way to reach common ground, although, common ground cannot be found all of the time. It is the silencing of proper political discourse in society today that raises my question. When have you experienced someone’s political views being silenced? Whether it be your own experience with getting your political views silenced or another individual who you experienced getting silenced for their political views. What value do you find in hearing the opinions of others, even if you may not completely agree with them?


For this weeks readings I took an extra interest for the Reading by Davis. In her book she wrote that the beginning of Black history month with is celebrated in February, people complained because it was the shortest month so it gadually grew and now it is about two and a half months. Also, she posed the question, why dont we celebrate the Emacipation proclamaition enough? or why when Obama issued a proclamation on December 31 urging people to celebrate it, no one really did? I chose this question because Ive seen a lot of things that are done trying to do soemthing whether its spread awareness or get people to try and help, and it got me thinking about black history month and what they are trying to accomplish with it. So my question is, What do you think the overall goal of celebrating Black history month? Why is it only two months and not incorporated all year round? Do you think there are better ways to educate people on Black history? If you were the president what would you do?

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