A hotel reservation system using PHP and Mysql

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Design a hotel reservation system using PHP and Mysql

home page of your web site gives introduction of your hotel (note the
hotel shall be named after your name) which includes the address, email,
phone numbers, and direction to your hotel. This page also contains
entries for check-in and check-out dates. Select number of rooms drop
down list, Number of adults and children dropdown lists. A submit button
to send user to the second page. All fields are required. Other
checking and validation shall and may be included. The second page
contains the list of available rooms on that booking period. The second
page shows images for different type of rooms available. It will list
price per night and the total cost for the stay period. A user can
choose the room type they want. The information of the available rooms
shall be retrieve from your MySql database. There is a submit button to
go to the confirmation page which contains fields for user to enter
his/her name and correspondence information such as address, street
name, city, state, phone number, email address. The room, stay period
and cost of the stay will be summarized and shown on this page. When
user clicks on submit button on this page, your system will output
appropriate message. Add at least three other pages. For example, local
attraction, Hotel dining, Shopping, Salon, Computer services, etc.



 Use PHP as server side script

 Use MySql. Design your own database and table(s)..

 Name your web site yourNamePHP

When you connect to MySql database. Make sure that you use
yourFirstNameLastName as the user name in mysql connect command. For
example, if your name is called John Smith then Your command to connect
to Mysql Database would like mysql_connect( “localhost”, “johnsmith”,
“johnsmithpass” )

 Export your MySql database as johnsmith.sql so
that I can regenerate your database on instructor’s computer. (replace
johnsmith with your name)

 Make sure that you name your database johnsmithdatabase . (replace johnsmith with your name)

Remember to add these lines to johnsmith.sql in order to create user
which is used in mysql connect command (once again, replace johnsmith
with your name)

— create user to query product database —


ON johnsmithdatabase.*

TO johnsmith@localhost

IDENTIFIED BY ‘ johnsmithpass’; Once again, replace johnsmith with yourfirstnamelastname

Create a write up report (in word or pdf format) which include a cover
page with your name, this class information, such as course name,
section, instructor, etc. Second page is table of content. First chapter
is the description of your hotel system. Second chapter is your system
design. You can use diagram to illustrate your design if you want to.
Third chapter is your implementation. It should include the sql file
content that you submitted, the source code of all pages. Fourth chapter
includes your test run results which shall include test run screen
shots. As detailed as possible. Fifth chapter is discussion and
conclusions. Mention about the cool features of your web site. Things
for future improve. The limitation of your web site, etc… You can
include a Reference chapter at the end or as Appendix.Submission

 Zip your website which includes all your application files.

 The sql file which can regenerate your database and create a user to connect to your database

 The report in word or pdf format.

 A video file to demonstrate how you design your web site, features of your web site, and how to use it.(or a link to internet)

 Zip all above to a folder

 Make
sure your web site can run independently. it shall be portable to others’ system that run XAMPP and
there is no local dependence on your machine.

 You can submit a demo video or post your demo on the web and give me the link.

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A hotel reservation system using PHP and Mysql

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