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A Literary Analysis on The Novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville


Can you help me understand this question?

I need a tutor to help me with my literary analysis of America’s most extraordinary novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. I’m finding coming up with my main argument a challenge and would appreciate an essay outline to help me out.

There are multiple themes in “Moby Dick” with critics pointing out race, the relationship between nature and man, limits of knowledge, and the concept of fate and free will as core elements of the book. I’m to describe some of these themes, discussing them from my point of view. When treating the aspects of race, do I have to make inputs about the author’s portrayal of racial tolerance in an era where such displays were rare?

How do I go about writing the symbolisms of the book, especially that of the whale? From the guide, the book has multiple themes and meanings. Moby Dick, the whale is symbolic of a supernatural being, with many critics speculating that it represents the Judeo-Christian God. I find this theory confusing as Christianity wasn’t the only religion in the novel, with the author also adding atheist elements.

There’s also the fact that a real-life whale inspired the book’s version. It had previously terrorized sailors and even shared a similar name with that of Herman Melville. Does the sea creature still qualify as a symbolic representation given this situation, and how would I describe the condition?

The book was a commercial failure at first, selling poorly and receiving low ratings during the first few years of its publication. The 20th century saw a change in its fortune, with critics praising its content. Should such information appear in my literature analysis? And if so, where? Do I also need to explain my thoughts on the reasons behind its early failure and later success?

I’d also need assistance with proper citation. I have no idea what style would be most appropriate for this essay. Properly citing my paper has always been a problem for me, and I barely get by with MLA. I’d appreciate any tips and help you can provide with writing a quality piece.

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