A speech.


The purpose of a persuasive speech is to influence, change, or reinforce listeners’ ideas, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors.

For your third speech I would like you to perform an informative speech. The speech topic will be: Your choice of a topic

This includes information you think that is important, or information you wish to let your listeners know about that they might not already know.

This excludes: intimate or personal interactions. I do not want to know anything too personal. The assignment is to describe a specific event not to invade personal lives romantically or anatomically.

Time Requirement for this speech will be a minimum of 5 minutes, and maximum of 7 minutes.

I am looking for each part of a speech to be there: introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction has two goals: to capture and hold your audience’s attention and to prepare your audience for the body of the speech.

The body holds your core information about your topic. You will want to mention your references and clearly state all your main points.

The conclusion is there to reinforce the central idea. You will want to summarize your points. Your conclusion should be brief and typically take up 10% of your speech length.

Visual Aids- All types of mediums can be used to present your aids. You can make slides, have posters or charts. Some rules regarding your visual aids:

1. Do not show any nudity or offense pictures regarding the human body or suggestive actions.

2.Do not use images that are from someone you without permission

3.Do not bring any weapons or objects that can be used for weapons to show the class

4.If you bring props for your speech they must be approved by your professor

5.No videos are permitted for this speech

Outlines- Are to be turned in the day of your speech. Typed and with a total of three (3) references.

At least 700 woed

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