Abnormal Psychology Essay


Abnormal Psychology Essay

Abnormal Psychology Essay


Final Paper (5-7 pages), incorporating feedback from all previous assignments.

Part IV:  (Total of 40) 

_____        5 points for a clear introduction and conclusion, including your thesis about the effectiveness of the treatment

_____        10 for clear treatment summary

_____        10 points for an integration of what your 3 research articles say about the effective-

ness of the treatment approach

_____        5 points for clear writing style that is easy to follow and checked for typos and

grammatical errors

_____        5 points for reference section at the end of paper in correct APA format

_____        5 points for correct APA format in referencing articles in body of paper

Times New Roman

Font 12

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Part 1

Panic disorder is a fear one experience as a sudden outburst of fear or a kind of discomfort that may arise suddenly and then elevates up within a few minutes.

Joe faces this panic disorder upon the taking off from the Miami airport and one of the symptoms portrayed is that he had a difficulty in breathing whereby it is a clear indication of shortness of breath. Upon arrival at their home Joe is seen to have also an unconscious desire to commit suicide as his difficulty in breathing also increases and he tries to stay away from the window to avoid his dread of dying a primary symptom of panic disorder. He faces agoraphobia, which is the pronounced, and disproportionate fear of the plane travel where he experiences also anxiety attacks which makes him have a fear of going outside. The panic disorder in Joe after embarking from the plane had gone up as now and appeared frightened and confused and now he could not breathe and his chest ached whenever he tried to breathe and her wife Florence mistakes it for a heart attack

Joe is facing anxiety attacks as the doctor told him and seeks the help of the family care physician. The physician first examines Joe for any cardiac attacks and rules it out and comes up to a conclusion that Joe is suffering from panic disorder, and is referred to psychologist Dr. Geller. Upon narrating his ordeal, the psychologist employs cognitive and behavioral techniques which at changing Joes faulty interpretations of sympathetic arousal. Joe was trained in relaxation and how to breathe in a relaxing mood and changing his cognitive misinterpretations of panic situations. He was also told how to have a repeated exposure to sensations of panic under controlled conditions not forgetting repeated practice on situations that Joe was apprehensive about and this was done repeatedly and to Joe it helped him treat his panic disorder as later he could not panic when near or travelling in a plane. He now felt that he had regained control over his body and mind.

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