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ACD-IP PBX Request for Proposal (RFP)



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This project will introduce you to an important role of IT/Network Managers: To select an IP PBX solution for the new call center at a company’s headquarters based on the evaluation of the company’s needs and vendors’ VoIP product features. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) would like an 8- to 10-page document (double-spaced, font size 12) that addresses the following tasks.

  • After a numerical-matrix evaluation, select one solution from a list of vendors, containing features and capabilities to potentially meet your company’s requirements.
  • Justify your recommendation by writing an analysis that supports such a selection based on an overall evaluation of the product and the benefits it will bring to the company.


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  • The Course Project is worth 170 points and is comprised of the following deliverable documents.
    • Week 2: Outline (20 points)
    • Week 4: Vendor Selection – RFP Draft (50 points)
    • Week 6: Analysis and Recommendation – Finalized RFP (100 points)
  • Following is the list of vendors for you to choose from.
    • Avaya
    • Genesys
    • Interactive Intelligence
    • Mitel
    • Siemens
  • Use the following check list to evaluate each vendor’s product.
    • Experience and Connectivity (40%)
      • Experience of the company – 5%
      • ACD based on Windows – 5%
      • Call Center includes 400 agents – 15%
      • Connectivity to current Avaya PBX – 15%
    • Multimedia Support (40%)
      • E-mail – 5%
      • Chat – 5%
      • Voice Mail – 5%
      • IVR – 5%
      • Outbound dial – 5%
      • CTI integration – 5%
      • URL Browsing – 5%
      • CRM support – 5%
    • Total Cost (20%)
  • The document is intended to be a professional document, and shall only address the company’s business requirements and concerns.
  • The document should assign a numeric value/score to each check list item for each vendor’s solution.
  • The document should have statements justifying the score given to each feature in the cross-vendor evaluation.
  • The primary grading emphasis will be on the similarities and differences among vendors in terms of each checklist item.
  • Use each week’s lecture, reading assignments, labs, and discussions as guidance and supporting information for your paper.
  • The plagiarism policy is in effect. References to specific product information must be cited throughout the document.
  • APA formatting is required for the document.
  • The document shall be your individual and original work. This is not a team project.
  • Questions concerning the preparation of this document may be discussed in weekly Q & A discussion forums.

Provide detailed analysis of your company’s needs and your vendor selection. It should provide a compelling story in terms of total cost of ownership, product features, scalability, training possibilities, vendor support, performance, and reliability of the solution. Submit it to the Week 6 Course Project Dropbox. Please read the Week 6 Deliverable (finalized RFP) Rubric below to understand how your deliverable will be graded.

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