Adv420 final project



Part A :The Video Pitch

Now it’s time to pitch your brand on the digital campaign you’ve assembled throughout class.

Video requirements:

5-minutes maximum video in a M4P format

Must be edited (see editing tutorials on D2L)

The video should have at least 4 images or stock videos (cite sources at the end)

May include powerpoint slides to explain complicated concepts

Must be creative and engaging

Include at least 30-seconds of you on screen (talking-head). (see D2L for talking-head samples)

Must have audio (we recommend writing out a script).

Part B:The Pitch:

Your video pitch should include scripted out content about: (PowerPoint)

Brand Name & Overview

Campaign Big idea

Target Audience

Goals & KPIs

Social Media Strategy

Paid Ads Strategy

Inbound Strategy

Sample content (3 samples)

Campaign Budget Breakdown

Closing Slide / Summary

This link is all my blog post for this course You only need to help me to finish the Part B (PPT) after you go through all the blog I posted (No1 food market) All the content information you can find on the blog and you need view the blog from bottom to top And I need to read the PowerPoint you did for my video post

Send me back a PowerPoint

Thanks !

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