Advanced Networking


Attached is the assignment which I need to have a report done at around 3000 words with the logical design and subnet within the report.

Advanced Networks – Component 2 (70%)


AMY Networks is a consultancy business that designs, installs and operates networks for clients in the financial sector. As one their project leaders you have been asked to responding to an ITT (Invitation to Tender) for a network design, installation and operation for a trading floor. The network will include providing services for the back office teams as well as traders.

The ITT document is included with this ICA. The tender that you produce in response to the ITT should take the following form.

Part 1 – Design 40%

You need to respond to the ITT with following documents: –

  • Logical Design. This must take care of the 3 connections per desktop. The switch design capacity must take this into consideration. You must indicate the total number of switches the design will use along with your calculations. Assume a 24 or 48 port switch for your design.
  • Associated Design documents
  • o Design an IPv6 subnetting scheme for the control centre. Use the following IPv6 address:

    o 2001:0DB8:0002:/48

    o Specify how you will allocate IP addresses to the different blocks in the new design.

    Part 2 – Report 50%

    The report must provide a description for the design and all of the decisions that you have made in the process of developing the design. This will include a discussion of the design, technologies, protocols (Restrict your discussion to Layer 1, 2 and 3 protocols) and security measure that you have decided to use.

    Part 3 – Presentation 10%

    Marks will be awarded for the overall presentation of your work. Your work should be of a professional standard.

    Marking Criteria

    Part 1- Design Marks

    Logical Design To obtain maximum marks you need to :-

  • Produce a detailed, documented network diagram in response to the information provided in the ITT. Your design will consist of diagrams for the campus and sensor network
  • Your design should clearly show the measures you have included that address the business and technical requirements. The document should be professionally presented using a tool such as Visio.
  • .


    Addressing scheme To obtain maximum marks you need to :-

  • The design should include a valid subnet solution along with explanation. The subnet must map to the design diagram and business requirements.
  • .


    Total 40%

    Part 2 – Design Report (2500-3000 words) 50%

    Discussion on model, design and business requirement

    To obtain maximum marks: –

  • The report must provide a description for the model, design and all of the decisions that you have made in the process of developing the design and how these are linked to the business and technical requirements describe in the ITT.
  • 20%


    To obtain maximum marks: –

  • The report must clearly identify and discuss the relevant protocols and hardware used to design this network and how the protocols meet the requirements in the ITT.
  • 20%

    Security To obtain maximum marks: –

  • The report must include a discussion on security measures used to protect network.
  • 10%

    Total 50%

    Part 3 – Presentation

    To obtain maximum marks:-

  • Ensure all of your documents are word processed or produced using suitable tools.
  • Ensure all documents are clear, and easy to read with few errors.
  • Use professional presentation methods :-
  • o Table of contents (where appropriate)

    o Version control information

    o Supported by diagrams/graphics where appropriate

  • Ensure all documents are clearly labelled with your name and the document title.
  • 10%

    Total 10%

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