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Please, cite one paragraph from each assigned reading( there are 3 reading in total), covering all readings. After each cited paragraph, please add a brief description or explanation of why you chose that particular paragraph. For each citation, please let readers know that you are paraphrasing, as well as which articles you are citing, by using a proper in-text citation format. Citation format refers to the usage of forms such as (Author, Year: Page). Please, do a bit of research, if you are not familiar with such formats. (No specific bibliography style preferred.) At the end of the document, please add a Bibliography, or Works Cited, listing all cited readings. You are expected to include a Bibliography, or Works Cited at the end, not because your professor or reader would not know which articles you are referring to, but because it is an exercise of following academic conventions.

It is not necessary to allocate equal space for each reading. That is, you can feel free to give more details explanation or description for some readings more than others.

About half page or 3/4 page per reading note.

There are 3 readings on the top. each reading need to write 1 reading note( About half page or 3/4 page per reading note.)

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