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Although marketing and public relations are different functions, they often empl



Although marketing and public relations are differentfunctions, they often employ similar strategies to convey a positiveorganizational reputation. A breakdown in public relations can lead to negativefinancial outcomes for the organization. Although the primary goal of themarketing function is to increase revenue, it shares with public relationsrepresentatives the purposes of developing positive perceptions and communicatinggoodwill.Access and read all parts of the case study “Death byMeasles” (p. 484 of Introduction to Health Care Management). Also review theresources linked on the Learning Objects page. Then develop an original postusing these guidelines:Select three of the discussion questions to answer andjustify with research evidence.Outline a public relations campaign to address public outcrywhen negative media stories emerge about the incident.Resource links https://www.healthit.gov/data/quickstatsPg 484Death by Measles – Case for Chapters17, 11,and 15Sharon B. BuchbinderIn July 2015, an elderly woman being treated for severalhealth issues attended a local health clinic. The medications for her chronicdiseases placed her in an immunocompromised status. While waiting to be seen byher primary care physician, a child came in with his mother, sneezing andcoughing. Nothing more was thought of it until the woman died frompneumonia—caused by measles. This was the first death in the United States frommeasles in 12 years.Discussion QuestionsWhatare the facts of this case?Whatwould have been the potential impact on the woman if the child had thefollowing diseases: pertussis, polio, influenza, or Ebola?Whatare the management implications of this case? Should there be separatewaiting rooms for people with an immunocompromised status?Whatare the legal and ethical obligations of the parent of the unvaccinatedchild?Whatare the legal and ethical obligations the clinic has to its patients andhow do they apply to this case? Should the woman’s family seek legalremedies?An RNwho works at the clinic refuses to have an influenza vaccination. She doesnot have allergies, nor does she have religious objections. She just“doesn’t believe in them.” Create a script for a conversation with thisemployee, urging her to reconsider, and detailing the consequences of hercontinued refusal.

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