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An advertising campaign for a client of your choice.


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You will create a print/2D advertising campaign for a client of your choice.

To begin with, you will develop a creative brief.

Using original copy and artwork, develop four print ads as part of a unified

campaign that follows your creative brief.

You may use whatever hardware (e.g., cameras) and software you like. Each ad should be 8.5” x 11”. Use a vertical (portrait) layout, not a horizontal (landscape) layout. Use the CMYK color model and a resolution of 300 ppi. Save all your final files, including the creative brief, as PDFs. Here are some tips to manage your file sizes: edit your photos to the correct size and resolution, and then save copies of them in “.psd” format but with the layers flattened. Then import those images into whatever software you are using for your ad layouts. Filters and effects significantly increase your file sizes. Use them if you have a good reason. But just adding them in hopes it will make your ads look stylish seldom helps. If your four PDFs combined exceed 100 megabytes, save copies of your original ads. Then change your resolutions to 200 ppi

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