An exploration of body language



1. The papers can be theoretical papers, applied papers or survey reports, etc.; The quoted materials must be reliable and informative, ideas and insights must be creative, and the argument must be systematic, sufficient, and logical; Prominent themes, rigorous structure, clear levels, fluent language

2. The paper should conclude Title, Abstract (not exceed 300 words), Key words (3-8 key words), Table of Content, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and References.

3. Introduction: The introduction should explain the source, requirements, significance of the topic, the conditions for completing the task, the countermeasures, methods, steps and goals that should be achieved.

4. Body: The body of the text should include a summary of the literature, the current situation and development trend of the subject, the demonstration and comparison of the scheme, the structural design, parameter calculation, economic analysis, safety and environmental protection, discussion of related issues and measures to be taken, etc.

5. References: At the end of the paper, the references used must be listed; the listed references must be listed in strict accordance with the order of the references in the paper; the writing format of the references: (1) The documents cited in the article are serialized in sequence, and their serial numbers are enclosed in square brackets, such as [5], [6] (2) Examples of journal document writing: Author, paper title, publication name, publication year, volume (issue), page number of the paper in the publication. (3) Demonstration of writing books: Author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page of quotation

6. Format: Title: boldface, font size three; Sub-titles: Time New Roman, Small 4th, Bold; Main text: Times New Roman, Small 4th, 1.5 times the line spacing

7. Word count: 7000 words

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