Analysis of Variance


ALL WORK NEEDS TO BE SHOWN IN THE WORKBOOK. Do not use stat functions. Show the work. Complete all of the questions in bold on the PDFs on a separate document. Answer them in detail with at least 3 complete sentences for each when possible. Also, complete the full excel sheet and all of its parts according to the instructions on the attached PDFs. Some data need to be graphed where mentioned in the instructions (instructions below for requirements)

  • Graphs (need to be set up in Excel)
    • Independent = X (18 pt. , black)
    • Dependent = Y (18 pt. , black)
    • Legend (16 pt. , black)
    • Numerical values for X and Y (14 pt., black)
    • Bar graph should be in black with black border and white with black border (do under Format Data Series)
      • Gap width = 50%

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