Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Interview a Principal Interview

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For this assignment, you will interview a principal of an elementary, middle, or high school and prepare a paper to report your results. This may be done face-to-face, via telephone, or via another technological application such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc. Basic questions are provided below, in addition you need to add 4 of your own questions related to special education . Be sure to take notes on the experience to add to the action plan/reflection section. For example, if the principal does not have a good background in special education law, you could suggest providing him or her with an update in special education law. Utilize the following basic questions for the interview protocol:

  1. General Questions
    1. How long have you worked as a principal?
    2. How many special education courses have you completed?
    3. Under how many categories of the IDEA/IDEIA can a student possibly qualify for special education services? Can you name the categories?
    4. Who evaluates special education teachers in your school district?
    5. Who interviews and selects new special education teachers in your school district?
    6. Do you confer on a regular basis with the special education director and special education teacher(s) on matters concerning students with special needs?
    7. Are you utilizing the RTI Model of service delivery in your school?
    8. Are you aware of any recent court cases that have impacted special education law?
  2. Questions 9-18 are answered (4 –strongly agree, 3 – agree, 2 –disagree, 1 – strongly disagree).
  3. Prepare an Action Plan that would be suggested for the administrator interviewed. (Share this with the administrator if appropriate.
  4. Include a reflection on what you learned about collaborating with administrators, constructing action plans to support their professional development in the area of special education, and helping them stay up-to-date through this interview experience.
  5. Should have 5 references should be 7 Pages not including title and reference Apa style

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Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Interview a Principal Interview

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