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Answer each of the following questions



You must use the attached template
for your paper, failure to do so will result in a return of your paper
for you to redo, a reduction in points, or both.

Answer each of the following questions. A 3-4 page response should be provided for each question. References (in APA format) are required.

  1. Of
    the documents reviewed in class (excluding the U.S. Constitution),
    which do you feel serves as the most important at this point in time? (Use Transportation Sector) Be sure to provide significant support for your argument.
  1. When
    examining critical infrastructure, which sector possesses the biggest
    risk and what legal and ethical issues must the U.S. government consider
    when attempting to harden the target?
  1. Discuss the
    challenges associated with protecting the homeland and balancing privacy
    and civil liberties. Is there a conflict that exists between the law,
    ethics, and politics and does this present challenges in homeland
  1. Critique the homeland security enterprise’s capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties.

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