Answer fowlling questions 3


You should base your responses to the following questions on the insight found in the 10K SEC filing of Helen of Troy Limited and the following websites.

The 10K Form is the Annual Report filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of a company whose shares trade publicly on U.S. stock exchanges. 10K Forms offer a discussion of risk factors that might potentially affect a company’s bottom line and hence bring about change.

Please answer the following questions:

  • offers descriptions of competitive landscapes for many industries on its website in the section entitled industry overviews. Please cite and describe in your own words the competitive landscape of this industry using this information source.

  • Using the 10K filings for the most recent year and for 2000, please examine the risk factors for your company and two of its competitors. For each company, please identify three risks that have remained the same, three risks that were present in 2000 but not in the most recent filing, and three risks that are present in the most recent year but not in 2000.

  • Using the 10K filings For all three companies, please identify three risks that were common in 2000 and three risks that are common in the most recent filing.

Please limit your response to this assignment to three single spaced, typed pages. Please cite your sources in the text and please reference them at the end of your assignment. Please end your write-up with one paragraph that summarizes what you think is the importance of this assignment.

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