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What is your cultural makeup? Think back to the earliest grade that you can remember in elementary school. What was the cultural makeup of your classroom as a child growing up?
As an adult, have you observed a wider range of cultural diversity in our classrooms and in our society as a whole? Please explain and provide concrete examples.

2. Thoroughly read and study the supplemental information in the PowerPoint, “Culturally Responsive Care and Education.” In addition, review the section in your textbook on page 16, “Cultural Competence, Cultural Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Communication.” Following, in your own words, express what it means to be culturally competent?

3. Read, “Hidden Diversity” on page 15. Following, describe your own metaphor or support an existing metaphor that describes the population of the United States. Remember the importance of allowing our citizens to retain the traditions, customs, practices, and religions that are a part of their heritage. See Metaphors of the United States, Page. 21. For further support, read, “Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?” by This article can be found in your Learning Module. In addition, the metaphors are addressed in the PowerPoint, “Culturally Responsive Care and Education.” Remember! Create your own metaphor if you so choose. President Carter referred to the United States as a beautiful mosaic. Be creative!

4. A. List three powerful concepts that you took away from Chapter 1, the Chapter 1 PowerPoint, and the supplemental PowerPoint information to include the Etext embedded videos and the “Bias” video by Joe Gast? B. State why you found this information valuable to you as an educator or a potential educator of young children.

5. Read and reflect on the poem, “We Are Responsible for Children.” (See Attachment in Learning Module) In relation to this poem and the information presented this week, express what you have gained thus far in the class. Share your thoughts with your instructor and your peers.

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