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Answer the following essay question about ww1


. Answer the following essay question using details/support from the textbook The Making of the West 6th Edition, Volume II, the documentary episodes will be sent to you as soon as you accept the essay.

The essay must be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and should be double-spaced. Please provide a thesis statement for each essay, and body paragraphs to answer ALL ASPECTS of each prompt. Your answer have to be 3.5 pages.

Responses must be written using formal language, including correct grammar and mechanics. MLA citation formatting, PLEASE use sources from the textbook This means you’ll need to include a Works Cited page…

Why was World War I called the “war to end all wars”? What made this war so great, or different, compared to wars of the past? In what way was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Princess Sophie, in Sarajevo, in June of 1914, only the spark that ignited the Great War? What tensions had been building up in Europe well before 1914 that made war almost inevitable? What was the general experience of most soldiers in World War I? How was this different from warfare experienced previously? What had occurred across Europe and other parts of the world that made new wartime materials available for use by both the Central and Allied Powers (specifically, discuss modern imperialism and industrialization)? Provide three (3) examples of these new wartime technologies. What was the overall feeling that spread across the globe after the bloodshed of World War I was finished? Why was this emotional turmoil so strongly felt? What were the three (3) aspects of the Treaty of Versailles that focused on punishing Germany for their role in “starting” the conflict? Why were each of these aspects so detrimental to Germany after the war?

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