Project Motorcycles

Custom Classic Bikes has decided that it wants to come up with a comprehensive plan for the Touring class of motorcycles. The comprehensive plan is a formal document that outlines how Custom Classic Bikes will project and executed their new line successfully. Every potential project needs to ensure that it has a well-developed plan to ensure that it has the proper direction and guidelines for the project from conception to completion. Ensuring that this plan is properly executed it will require a project manager to properly develop a plan ensuring the project will have the best possible results.


Develop the following using designated project management software (e.g., Microsoft Project):

a. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

b .Gantt chart 

c. Assigned Resources (Attach the project file that contains the items that you have developed)


(Only  1  and a Half pages Require. No coverpage and No references page required)




Due in 5 hours(Strictly)

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