Anthropology writing essay 01


For Week 4 , write 1 to 1.5 pages (single-spaced, total word count: 700) discussing either:

(1) The different possible causes of megafaunal extinctions in the New World (see your textbook and other articles in the Week 4 module readings). Use the available evidence to argue for one of the main causes which are most likely responsible for their extinction. Be sure to cite your sources and provide the bibliographic references.


(2) Rapa Nui (Easter Island) represents one of the last places discovered by humans and an extreme stage of the “New Worlds” discovery process discussed in Feder’s Chpt. 7. Review the current archaeological thinking about Rapa Nui and its stone statues (moai).. You should address these questions in your answer: (a) When was the island colonized by humans and where did they come from? (b) Culturally, how do we identify the archaeological and contemporary population of the island? (c) Why were the statues carved and who carved them? Finally, (d) how were the statues used? You can refer to the two articles about Rapa Nui, by Van Tilburg (on the statues) and by Finney (on voyaging), as well as my short powerpoint about the archaeology. Be sure to cite your sources and provide the bibliographic references.

Remember, to back up your claims, you must use specific examples and evidence from in class and outside sources.

In class source, read Chapter Chapter 7 “Expanding Geographic Horizons :…

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