Anthropology writing papers


( summary one paragraph long)

  1. Read and summarize the chapter on belief systems (religion) from your textbook.
  2. Read and summarize from the textbook the chapter on language and communication.

3. Answer the following questions in writing;( for this part please use own knowledge based on the books. I have attached sample summaries about these topics.)

1. What is anthropology?

2. In your own words define culture

3. What is your favored anthropological theory?

4. How do we do fieldwork in anthropology?

5. What have you learned in this class?

the course is based on these text books:

Gwynne, Margaret A. (2003) Applied Anthropology: A Career-Oriented Approach.

Boston: Allyn and Bacon. [G]

LeCompte, Margaret D. and Jean J. Schensul (1999) Designing & Conducting

Ethnographic Research, Ethnographer’s Toolkit, Volume One. Walnut Creek, CA:

Altamira Press. [L&S]

Podolefsky, Aaron and Peter J. Brown (eds.) (2009) Applying Cultural Anthropology: An

Introductory Reader (Eighth Edition). New York: McGraw-Hill. [P&B]

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