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any issues email me on bazaidhaleema@gmail.com or msg me on +61 0452091982 write



any issues email me on bazaidhaleema@gmail.com or msg me on +61 0452091982write on a word documnetNOTE: Avoid describing what you see in the images. Use the images as a springboard for discussing significant issues you learned about in Humanities. For each question, identify 2 or 3 key ideas that are clearly represented by the content of the image +prompt, and use those ideas as the basis for your short essays. Each short essay must discuss a different set of themes and ideas from the screen shots i will send you of the topics which you will have to include in the essay. Use sources from the links in the topic documents ( which i will email to you or whatsapp) and source your own research. Do not cite the topicdocuments.QUESTION 1800 words +/- 10%A cumulative wealth of knowledge influences the way people and environment interact.With reference to the image ( which i will email you) explore current climate issues and ecologicalmessages to show the combined effect of this knowledge in an Australian context, past,present and future.QUESTION 2800 words +/- 10%“The effects of inequality impact people of all ages, at all levels of society.” With referenceto the image ( i will email you), agree with this statement. In your answer, consider allaspects of inequality.respond to these 2 question in a form of 2 short essays with 800 words in each essayinclude a reference list (APA 7th edition)include information from the contents which i will email you.( for both essays) Introduction:Write a brief outline of your essay ideas. word count: 50 wordsBody paragraph 1 and 2:Write 2 body paragraphs discussing and explaining ideas and concepts suggested by theimage + prompt question. word count: 300 words for each bodyparagraphConclusion:Bring ideas from the essay together and wrap up your essay. word count:150 wordsYour 2 short essay answers should be written in formal academic style, in 3rdperson viewpoint, and must be fully referenced in APA 7th format; each essaymust include a reference list. Do not describe what you see in the images. Link the themes in images andprompt questions to the concepts and discussthose themes in order to show that you understand this semester’s work 9 i will email them to you)  you thave to demonstrate a broad understanding of themes,concepts and ideas from the contents i will email you Present differentthemes in each essay.  Paraphrase – do not use any direct quotesin the essays.. (You can use outside academic,peer-reviewed sources as well as any other academic, peer-reviewed sources accessedvia the links in topic documents. Do not reference the topic documents. Suitable sources you caan use/ include academic articles such as peer-reviewed journals, , government documents andwebsites, published expert reports).- must reference APA 7th editionIdentify the most significant themes suggested by each image + prompt question, andthen write the short essay in around 800 words ( use short essay format/ structure)in text citation and reference list does not count in word count

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