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AOJ 206…Make sure to use proper APA formatting


  1. In this submission, include the headings “Summary of the article” and “How it relates.”
  2. Respond directly to these headings and provide the summary using your own words. Then, provide very specific details about how the article relates to the course, such as a citation back to the textbook or specific references to course lectures or PowerPoints.
  3. Include an APA-formatted reference list for both the article you have read and the supporting materials.
  4. In order to receive 10 points, you must send this submission exactly as outlined above. There are no half-credit options, either “all or nothing” here.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch decries lack of access to justice for many Americans (Links to an external site.)

2 men exonerated in 1994 Montana City killing sue investigators (Links to an external site.)

Prosecutors Need to Take the Lead in Reforming Prisons (Links to an external site.)

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