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APA format 175 – 265 words Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference Respond to



APA format175 – 265 wordsCite at least one peer-reviewed referenceRespond to the following:Jennifer Haddad Connell5/4/22, 7:36 AMHello all:How employees feel is important, and I think this includes the feeling of inclusion and value from top leadership. Attitudes within the company start with top management; it’s important the leaders set examples and promote positivity and I think think is an important first and basic step to supporting employee satisfaction. Let’s consider the concept of authentic leadership.Authentic Leadership is a concept that is gaining momentum in research because of corporate benefits that include increased corporate efficiency, job happiness among workers, enhanced communication, and shared information (Fusco, et. al, 2015). Research into support of authentic leadership development is relatively new; interest in the field began after the large scandals such as Enron and its accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, in 2001. One of the traits of an authentic leader is confidence.Through developing the authentic leadership development model, leaders not only learn the importance of embodying the quality of being confident, but also qualities of high ethical standards emerge and are required traits. It is important now and in the future that confident leaders are trustworthy. The confidence that draws people to leaders should be truthful and non-harming to others with whom business transactions are made. I think the field of authentic leadership development is a positive response to the disappointments we as a society have experienced from trusted leaders. Class: Please continue the discussion the concept of authentic leadership. Do you think the effects of an authentic leader on employees of the organization can lead to increased job satisfaction and retention? Why or why not? Please discuss.Fusco, Siobhain, and Palmer (2015). Authentic leaders are… conscious, confident, and congruent: a grounded theory of group coaching and authentic leadership development. International Coaching Psychology Review, September 2015 (10). pp. 131-148.

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