Appalachian State University Sphygmomanometer Research Paper

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A write up on a brief history, development, and the working principle of a Sphygmomanometer indicating each part of an analogue sphygmomanometer on a clear diagram. The write up may include the following :

Introduction : This part mentions the equipment’s brief history, who invented it and when, and how does the original formation and concept of a sphygmomanometer got modified to take the present form of an analogue version, and its applications.

Description : The body of the write-up should describe each part of the equipment and their role in regards to measuring the cystolic and diastolic values of blood pressure, and how does the concept of hydrostatic pressure is involved in the working procedure of an analogue sphygmomanometer.

Diagram : A clear diagram of an analogue sphygmomanometer indicating all of its parts and each part’s method of work, should be included after the description.

Conclusion : A concluding remark may be added to show your idea on any further development!!

References : Mention the literature and resources you have worked on in writing this essay. You may consult with some references like Chapter 9 from the textbook t (Links to an external site.), some literature (Links to an external site.) and examples (Links to an external site.) available online.

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Appalachian State University Sphygmomanometer Research Paper

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