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Application: Incorporating a Nonprofit Organization


Application: Incorporating a Nonprofit Organization

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector


APA format 1-2 pages  use uploaded resources within the references and in paper citations

Passion for the mission of a proposed organization is not enough to make it a reality. In order to operate legally and obtain tax-deductible donations or grant funding, individuals must incorporate an NPO and apply for tax-exempt status. In the U.S., resources are published that help individuals create new NPOs and guide their operations. These resources include directions on how to incorporate an NPO and apply for tax-exempt status. In this Application Assignment, you will review the requirements for incorporation of an NPO and identify resources to help you fulfill them.


To prepare for this assignment:


  • Review Chapter 14 in The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management, focusing on the incorporation process.
  • Examine the guidelines and resources for creating a nonprofit organization in your location.
  • Select two NPO incorporation requirements that you think might be the most challenging. Think in terms of the NPO you will be creating for your Final Project.
  • Identify support agencies or officials who understand the nonprofit incorporation process and might be a resource for you. Make a list of these support systems.


The assignment: (1—2 pages)


  • Describe the two incorporation requirements you selected.
  • Explain why these incorporation requirements would pose challenges and how you would address the challenges. Provide specific examples.
  • Describe and evaluate at least one local resource that might guide or help you through the incorporation process.

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