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Applied Calculus Projects (Report) Engineering Calculus II


You need give me the assignment before Nov.30. So there can be enough time to change it to meet the requirements

Applied Calculus Projects for Engineering Calculus II. Follow the Guidelines to do a project. Please strictly follow the report format.

Nature of the Project

Your project should feature a practical problem from the field you are pursuing and require the use of calculus
tools. Beyond that, problems might be either well-defined or open-ended.

How to Select a Project

The problem for your project can come from a number of different sources. If you have a job or an internship,
your work supervisor might have a problem that is important to the organization you work for. If you have an
undergraduate research position, your research advisor can be a source of project ideas. Or, you might have
already taken a class or two with faculty members in your major and they might be willing to suggest a
problem for you to work on. The best source of a project might be you though. Consider the things you are
interested in and look for an application of calculus to them. If you can find one, you can probably build a
project around that.

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