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Applied Project Info Syst Engr Mgmt – The Actual Implementation of in Business Intelligence


6 pages Research Paper to be writen

Here are a few broad guidelines that will help you in your Research Paper Writing. However, remember that the numbers mentioned are generic and may vary based on your field and target journal.

  1. A journal article is much shorter than a thesis. Generally speaking, the total word count of a manuscript from introduction through conclusion is around 3000-4000 words for full-length original articles, although this figure may vary depending on your subject area and journal specifications.
  2. The abstract for a journal article is usually around 150-250 words in length. You can write a short abstract by briefly mentioning the background of the study, main methods used in the study, and the key findings from the study.
  3. The introduction for a dissertation/thesis is usually comprehensive and in-depth. On the other hand, the introduction for a journal article must be concise, with the assumption that the target audience already has some background information regarding the subject area. The introduction of a journal article should aim at setting the context for presentation of the data/results from the study. Ideally, Ideally, the introduction should be less than one-thirds of the total word count of the article. So, for example, in a 3000-4000-word article, the introduction should be limited to around 1000 words.
  4. A thesis includes all the results obtained from the study, but a journal article reports only the key findings from your study that support your hypothesis. The methods and results sections together should be limited to around one-thirds of the overall article. Often the results from a thesis can result in 2-3 journal articles or more.
  5. The discussion, just like the introduction, needs to be focused and concise in a journal article in comparison to a thesis or dissertation. Once again, it is recommended that the discussion section be restricted to around one-thirds of the total word count.
  6. The reference list in a journal article should only include the reference articles that are cited in the paper. Each journal has its own specifications about the maximum number of references permissible, but generally speaking, try not to include more than 30 references. Please check the specifications of your target journal before you submit your paper.
  7. The maximum number of tables and figures that you can include in a journal paper also depends on your target journal and is usually anywhere between 5 and 10.

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